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Athorias Paleblood

Count of Skelanos, Mayor of the City Therion

What are your personal interests outside of COE?

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What is your motivation for being a High Chief?

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What goals do you want to accomplish in COE?

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What are your personal interests in COE?

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How did you end up joining the County of Skelanos?

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Athorias Paleblood

Count of Skelanos


Chief; Right Hand of Athorias


Minister of Construction

Yusuke Takumi

Minister of Alchemy


Minister of Ironworks


Minister of Agriculture


Chief; Left Hand of Athorias




Minister of Crafts


Minister of Intelligence

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What can I do in the County?
You can do whatever you want as long as it's not deviant stuff! Just make sure you communicate it to us so we can give your profession / interest / goal a place within our community!
What makes our County special compared to others?
I think that what truely makes us special is that we want to become a fully selfsufficient county, without need of resources and services from the outside. Of course we will have a trading guild importing and exporting products and items, but this is for luxury and rare items. Further, we have an elaborate hierarchy to make sure people who join us can experience COE to the fullest.
What nationalities have the members of your county?
We have members from all over Europe and a few from the USA. I could make a list of all nationalities but that would be a rather long list, I can just say we have almost every European language covered whitin our community. In our community we speak English though!
What's the history behind the County of Skelanos?
The history of how we founded the county is simple, I got offered an upgrade to count, since we already had our city I discussed it with our council and they said we should do it. The current council members are either friends I made in the COE discord, or friends I met in Black Desert Online.
Why did you choose the mercenary style?
Personally I feel like only training outside of wartime is rather boring, for this reason we went for a mercenary style of military organisation, outside of wartime you can focus on your profession and take combat / PVP mission whenever you want. Keep in mind combat training is mandatory!
Why do you not want barons in your County?
With having a mercenary based military and a (aiming to be) selfsufficient county, we don't see the use to have warriors in our County that can be called away by our duke at a moments notice, we know we can ofcource communicate this with our duke, but to avoid any complications or miscommunications we have chosen to only accept mayors in our county, these mayors can of course focus on military too.
Why should I join The County of Skelanos?
First of all, we are trying to build an active and friendly community that gives you the freedom to explore COE the way you want. If you want to be in good company and add a fun community to your gameplay experience we are the place to be. Further we will offer you a voice in everything that happens within our community, as we come closer to biome selection and launch / exposition we will do more polls and ask more opinions of our members!
Why such elaborate application procedure?
We only have place for people who want to be dedicated towards a close and friendly community, our lengthy application procedure weeds out people who do not feel like contributing and also gives us a better understanding of who you are, what your goals are and what kind of content you are looking for within our community.

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